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Nativity: A Letter to My Son

na·tiv·i·ty (n -t v -t , n -). n. pl. na·tiv·i·ties. 1. Birth, especially the place, conditions, or circumstances of being born. Dear Luke, You’re a grown man, turning thirty tomorrow. But every year around...


Performing Gender

A week and a half ago I cut my hair. A lot. I buzzed it to half an inch. My initial thoughts were, “Oh wow. There actually is some family resemblance between me and...


All I Really Need To Know About Mothering I Learned From My Cat

“She got up from where she was lying, stepped over them, and left those newborn-blind, helpless kittens mewing plaintively in their box. They began feeling around, smelling for her, trembling as they tried to walk on tiny paws. And she just walked away. I stopped what I was doing to watch. “



“There’s an awful lot of writing going on that nobody knows about.” – Edward Gildea, publisher of The Diarist’s Journal When I was about 8 years old I received a journal as a gift.  I...


Small and Simple Things

If you thought you heard the words “Some feminist thinkers view homemaking with outright contempt, arguing it demeans women, and that the relentless demands of raising children are a form of exploitation,” during general...