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Just Say No

Society has never taken kindly to assertive (uppity?) women. Assertiveness is a trait that is often socialized out because a woman’s “no” has the ability to stop male power right in its tracks. Most...


keeping a record

I am an obsessive journal-keeper. Always have been. For most of my life, the record I kept was pretty banal: the minutia of daily life turned into faith promoting stories. There came a point...


A new look!

The Exponent Blog has a new look, just in time for Spring!


Easter’s Promise

One of my favorite writers is the very irreverent David Sedaris. Because I taught English as a second language, I get a big kick out of his tales of studying French–especially the story about the difficulty of...


Does Religion Need Evolution?

by Stella In reading a book by Osho the other day, I came across a passage I wanted to share. Osho is a revolutionary in the science of inner transformation; he’s also a man...


The Trimurti: A Birthing Poem

My new little one. by Alisa Twelve days ago, I gave birth to my first baby. As I labored in the hospital, I was aware that I would be missing my dear oldest friend’s...

Religious Conviction: Simply a State of Mind

I work in the psychological field, dealing with people with many various kinds of personality disorders. I work a lot with retraining the brain to help people live lives free from disorders (mainly eating),...