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Dear Sister Sassy: Sacrament Questions

Dear Sister Sassy, I know that keeping children quiet during the sacrament is important for everyone to find the ordinance meaningful, but I find it to be very tricky.  I also wonder at what...


Dear Sister Sassy: Hot Summer Sabbath Edition

Sister Sassy is The Exponent’s resident Agony Aunt.  Heed her advice at your own risk! Dear Sister Sassy, There has been a lot of conflict recently over whether or not women should be allowed...


Mercia Second Ward: Part Deux

This is the second part in our ongoing series about a recently discovered  set of documents that illuminate for us what life was like in a Medieval ward.  Though many plain and precious truths...


Pioneer Phil makes his 2018 Cumom Day Prediction

HILL CUMORAH, Manchester, Ny – Mormonism’s most famous Cumom has made his prediction. On Friday morning, as crowds gathered around, Pioneer Phil saw his shadow and predicted six more millennia of patriarchy. Legend has...


Mercia Second Ward

During the time of the Great Apostasy, faithful followers of Christ tried to keep doctrines and practices in accordance with their knowledge of the Gospel.  We know that many truths were lost and distorted...


Church Announces Boys Can Do More

Guest post by Adela. Adela is a lifelong church member who lives in New England with her family. She is in the toddler-mom phase of life, and is spending a lot of time at...