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Goblins and Jesus

After over an hour’s drive from the already remote campsite where we were staying, we arrived at Goblin Valley State Park, Utah. I had fond memories of coming here with my parents when I...

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Battle of the Hymns

We’re about 6 months in to COVID-restricted church and with Fast Sunday coming up this Sunday, you may be needing a pick-me-up from Zoom Testimony Meeting. Have no fear! We all know the best...


Hymns in the Key of Corona

Perhaps, like me, your ward is meeting via Zoom or on a similar platform. Our ward doesn’t sing hymns together anymore and I miss it. However, none of the songs really capture the flavor...


The Hymnal Revised

The church is currently working on a new, revised hymnal.  Some of the clear and pure doctrine that we hear from the pulpit was not represented musically in the old version.  This is my...


Don’t Call Me Mormon!

When my kids first discovered that I belt out a song each year at the Exponent Retreat, they fell down laughing. No one has ever said to me, “Heather, you have a lovely singing...