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Yin Yang 16

Same or Different?

All Mormons know that men and women are different.  That is why men hold the priesthood and women don’t, right?  Yet, fortunately, we are the same enough that we ladies don’t need to confess...


ipad: isad, imad, ibad, iglad

This is a story about wanting someone to do the right thing, and not giving a crap if they do it for the right reason. My 7 year-old daughter is obsessed with my ipad....


Play “Let Women Pray” Mad Lib

The deadline to send letters encouraging our leaders to let women pray in General Conference is February 22.  It’s right around the corner and letter-writing can be stressful.  To ameliorate some of your stress,...


Poll: Cats or Dogs

I have a lot of feminist friends who I love dearly, but there seems to be one issue that we can’t easily overcome. We talk in circles about it and sometimes can’t even politely...


Some Fun

Some fun, some girl power, some Christmas spirit, some vampires…hopefully, something for everyone. Merry Christmas!