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A blessing for those who lost a loved one to suicide

We tend to name GodWith easy labelsCreatorFather MotherGod is also a God of ExitsA witness to injusticeA divine companion in sufferingGod-who-weepsGod-who-sits-with-us-in-our-griefGod who holds us in our life-and-deathGod of messy complicationGod of unyielding sadness.Yes, I...


Walking with Anger

I recently read John Gustav-Wrathall’s blog post about being angry with the church – until he wasn’t. The part that stood out to me was his call to members to walk with those who...


As Thyself

I’ve written previously about the commandment to “love thy neighbor as thyself”, though, like most people who write about it, I’ve focused on the “love thy neighbor” part. It occurred to me recently that...