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General Relief Society Broadcast

I felt rather smug on my way to the conference. I had a crazy-busy week, yet I was determined to go hear the first official addresses of our new presidency. But as I pulled...


To Bleed or Not To Bleed

Earlier this week, the FDA approved Lybrel, an oral contraceptive which can be used to completely stop a woman’s menstrual cycle. Unlike traditional birth control pills which produce a period-like bleeding once a month,...


Are you a feminist?

For your enjoyment: A short film with on-the-street interviews about feminism.



In the past few weeks I’ve learned that almost everyone I know that’s not a full-time SAHM (and even a few of those, too) have a weekly cleaning lady. I was pretty surprised to...


Exponent II Classics: Pharisees and Sinners

Laurel T. UlrichCambridge, MassachusettsVol. 4, No. 4, Spring 1978 I sometimes hear Mormon women talk about being caught between two worlds. They can’t identify with the hostility of secular feminism, yet they feel ill-at-ease...


Sister Archetypes

I recently attended an interesting workshop that touched on many aspects of the feminine. One woman presented an idea of sisters as archetypes. She only briefly introduced the idea, asking us whether we identified...


Women's Prophetic Drumming Tradition

When they unloaded the drums from their truck, I knew I’d chosen the right group to perform for the school’s Fine Arts assembly (I was the PTA Chair for such events that year). The...


Our Heavenly Mother

I would like to know how each of you envision Heavenly Mother. Please take a moment to write a brief description of how you imagine her appearance and her behavior. If you don’t mind,...