#CopingWithCOVID: Activity Days Mask Lanyards Project

An adult face mask and a child face mask hang by lanyards on a door.

As my family and I get used to the idea that mask wearing will be around for the time being, we’ve learned ways to adapt and how to be flexible in our worship activities. Whether it be the weekly church block or Wednesday night youth activities, I appreciate leaders who plan activities that allow families to decide what feels safest for them given the risk factors in their lives.

Some parents prefer Zoom meetings; some are more comfortable with in-person activities as long as social distancing will be enforced, and some don’t mind activities similar to those pre-global pandemic. I like this activity because all those families could participate.

Our ward Activity Days girls worked with our local Girl Scout troop to make mask lanyards for the K-5 graders. Mask lanyards are easy to make, and they are handy for kids (and adults). By wearing one’s mask around the neck rather than taking it on and off when eating or during “mask recess,” which at our school, is when kids are outside, socially-distanced, and can take off their masks for five or ten minutes, masks, hands, and faces stay cleaner thereby hopefully, reducing the spread of infection and most certainly, help kids not to loose their’s.

The Girl Scout troop leader dropped off supplies and instructions (see below and here, which I found on Lindsay Sews website. Her clear instructions, video and pictures made this project a breeze). I hosted a socially-distanced lanyard making time one Saturday, and we were able to make 450 mask lanyards for these elementary school kids to given their first day back at school.

This is what we put on the flyer distributed to Activity Day and Girl Scout families as well as volunteers at the elementary school.

Background: Thank you for being willing to make mask lanyards for our students and staff at Tavan Elementary School. Our Girl Scouts are organizing this project to make sure that students can keep their masks clean and remember where they are during “mask recess” during the school day.

Timeline: Our goal is to make 450 mask lanyards by Friday, October 2nd. Also, we need 100 by Friday, September 25th at Tavan for Monday, September 28th. Please let Emily know ASAP if you can have your 40 done by the September date; we can decide whether I should pick them up from your house or if you can drop them off at Tavan.

Your Kit: This bag contains supplies to make 40 masks (though you have enough snaps to make 120, you will run out of cotton ribbon first).


1/2″ wide cotton twill tape
9.5mm metal snaps and setting tool
Clear nail polish
Fabric scissors and ruler (please use your own at home)


1. Cut twill tape to 18 inches.

2. Add clear nail polish to the cut ends to prevent unraveling.

3. Fold over one end and place the female snap parts on either side as shown in the video.

4. Moving down 1″ from the folded end, place the male snap parts on either side as shown in the video, https://youtu.be/3WGvh1GXXY4.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other end. Snap mask lanyard to ear loops and wear around neck when mask is not in use.



EmilyCC lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her spouse and three children. She currently serves as a stake Just Serve specialists, and she recently returned to school to become a nurse. She is a former editor of Exponent II and a founding blogger at The Exponent.

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    Awesome! I have a Girl Scout Troop and lots of twill tape and snaps – thanks for s

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