Cupid’s Been Busy

Valentine’s Day seems an appropriate occasion to break out a few love poems. Maybe these will inspire a few of you to put pen to paper and get a bit poetic.


There is something about your profile,
silhouetted against the whiteness of sheets,
bare shoulders poignantly casting shadows
across my side of the bed,
that makes me want to take that paper cut-out version
of your sleeping self
and gently place it across my breast,
the bony structures of your face backlit
by the soft incandescent light
in my chest.


Sometimes when I’ve had a busy day,
the bundle of clothes in the dryer forgotten
in the bustle of chores and children,
I stoop to remove the soft particles of lint from the screen.
Rolling the soft, fleecy evidence between my fingers,
I blush warmly remembering that your
undershirts, khakis, and socks
mingled together with my
bath towel, camisoles, and cotton dresses,
in a whirling dervish of vibrating heat
just a short time ago.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    When I migrated my old guest posts over so they’d appear under my name, now that I’m a perma, I lost all the comments on this one. Sorry to all the folks who liked my love poems. It was an unintentional bleep.

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