Ex-Mormon Woman Running for Prime Minister of New Zealand

A former Mormon woman, Jacinda Ardern, is in the running to become the next Prime Minister of New Zealand. Ardern left the church when she was in her 20’s as a result of her personal position in favour of marriage equality. In numerous interviews, Ardern’s Mormon background is mentioned, usually noting the positive characteristics of church members—including integrity, care for others, and service. Comparatively, the incumbent, Bill English is a devout and practicing Catholic.


This is an interesting election to watch through the lens of religious devotion: Is it best to vote for the individual who has left a church as the result of a “vote of conscience”? Or is it best to vote for the candidate who is a church loyalist, even if when voting in contrast to church dogma?

Interesting links:

Facebook interview where she briefly addresses her Mormon past

Latest News on the election-




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