Exponent II Call for Submissions: Summer 2013 Temple Issue

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Call For Submissions: Women Reflect on Temple Worship
Summer 2013

As members of the LDS Church we are taught that receiving temple ordinances and doing temple work is an essential expression of our faith. While this message is universal within the Church, individual experiences and responses to the temple are varied and unique. The Summer 2013 issue of Exponent II will be devoted to exploring the diverse experiences of Mormon women as they relate to the temple.

Exponent II is respectful of the sacred nature of the temple and will not be publishing details of temple worship. Rather we are focused on how women have interpreted their temple experience, how they have felt empowered or limited by their temple participation and what role temple worship plays in their spiritual lives. The deadline for submissions will be April 15th, 2013 and can be sent to editor@exponentii.org.

The following are a list of possible topics to spur your writing imagination:

Your first experience with the temple
Experiences as a temple worker
Evolving relationship to the temple
A particular temple that’s meaningful to you
Why did you receive your endowment when you did (i.e. before mission, marriage, other) and how did that timing affect your experience?
What do you think about the Church’s devotion of resources to temple building?
Experiences with family in the temple
Funny temple stories (300 words or less)
How do you think about the person you are doing proxy work for?
Why have you chosen not to attend the temple?
Your relationship to garments
Feminist perspectives on temple worship
Experiences participating in baptisms for the dead
Worshiping in the temple with your spouse
How does the temple challenge or affirm your faith?
For those who have seen changes in temple rituals (particularly those endowed before 1993): What effect, if any, did seeing change in the temple ceremony have on your faith and your temple experience?
Your feelings/experiences with live sessions vs. film
Great sacrament sermons on temple worship/experience

We look forward to hearing from you!


Aimee Hickman and Emily Clyde Curtis
Exponent II Co-Editors

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  1. Nancy Ross says:

    What are the submission guidelines? Can you provide a link?

  2. EmilyCC says:

    Nancy, here’s the official call for submissions: http://www.exponentii.org/magazine/magazine/submissions

    Essays should be between 700 and 3000 words and emailed as an attachment. Thanks!

  3. salman says:


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