Exponent II Winter 2011 Issue Now Online

The latest issue of Exponent II is available online and copies will be mailed out next week.  Make sure to put your order in (subscription or individual copy) by December 11th to get this issue and enjoy this letter from our new president, Kirsten Campbell.

I am a quilter.

Ten years ago, Pandora Brewer, an Exponent II sister, introduced me to the art of quilting and my life changed forever. I had always had an enthusiasm for fabric—I liked to make my own clothes and Halloween costumes for my kids. But, quilting was different. It awakened a part of my soul that has brought me more fulfillment and harmony than any other occupation or hobby.

I love the beautiful variety of fabrics. Anything from homespun, to 1930’s reproduction prints, to modern geo­metric designs—I love them all. It is like putting together a puzzle. I choose the pattern and the fabrics and then figure out how to create the quilt I desire. It amazes me how you can take very different fabrics, cut them up into pieces and reassemble them into a stunning quilt block. Some blocks, when put together, produce an unexpected secondary pat­tern that captivates the eye as much as the primary design.

I consider myself an emotional quilter. Most of my projects come from a source of fulfilling a need. I have made quilts for a friend battling breast cancer, a friend going through a divorce, and for another’s sweet preemie to cuddle up in. Currently I’m working on two quilts for the daughters of a friend. Their father committed suicide a year and a half ago and these quilts are for them to have as a “fabric hug” from Dad. As I work in my studio, cutting up fabric from his clothing, my heart aches for the girls. It is the most dif­ficult project I have ever worked on—but already the most spiritual as well.

As a quilter, I belong to a local guild. The guild meets monthly to share our projects, exchange ideas and give each other support and advice. As one of the youngest in the guild, I have learned so much from these talented women. Their decades of experience are enlightening and inspire me to try new things. As a guild, we’ve created a pink breast cancer quilt to be auctioned off to support research, made a quilt for the young son of a guild member who tragically passed away, and created blocks to donate to an organization which raises funds to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

I also like to delve into the history of quilting. Our an­cestors made many quilts out of worn out clothing—quilts that were functional and kept small ones warm. They were not without creativity, however. Many surviving quilts show the talent and ingenuity of those early quilters.

Can you feel my fervor for quilting?

I have the same passion for Exponent II. Like the vari­ous fabrics, we women are beautiful and come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This diversity serves to unite us in a strong bond of sisterhood. When we get together and share our stories, the secondary pattern is remarkable.

Exponent II is, in its own way, like a guild. We pro­tect each other’s interests and give support where needed. Through the magazine, the blog and the annual retreat we exchange ideas, share successes, and give each other advice. One of my goals as President is to have Exponent II move into community service mode. This idea came to me as I read through the Church’s new publication for the Relief Society, Daughters In My Kingdom, and was inspired by the activities of the early sisters of the Church. In the book, President Monson states, “We are the Lord’s hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children.” I would like to generate ideas and plans for how to motivate and mobilize our Exponent II sisters to work within their communities to foster positive change and serve those who need it most.

Many of you may be new subscribers to the Exponent II magazine. We welcome you and hope you find a home here with us. If you have been a long-time subscriber, thank you for your support as we continue to be an important outlet for women to share their life experiences. The quilt that is Exponent II is large, warm, colorful, and magnificent! I hope you will consider adding your story–your block–to the quilt. There is room for everyone to wrap herself up in its warmth and share what means the most.

Kirsten Campbell, Winter 2011



EmilyCC works for a national non-profit and lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her spouse and three children. She is a former editor of Exponent II and a founding blogger at The Exponent.

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