Exponent II Writing Contest 2018

For this year’s writing contest, Exponent II wants to honor the women who have provided us with examples, advice, and experience. We are asking for submissions about spiritual foremothers.

Who is your spiritual foremother and how did she impact your life? You may choose a relative, a fictional character from literature, historical figure, a woman from scripture, a teacher, a friend, or a mentor. What guidance did she give you? How did she impact the decisions you made in your life? How do you see her reflected in who you have become?

We are not looking for sentimental tributes, but rather an awareness of how the women who have gone before us have influenced and shaped us. We hope to get a sense of the complexity of our foremothers and how connections to them last through time. Be specific in how your foremother impacted your character or decisions. The winner of the contest will give us a vivid picture of her foremother and develop readers’ interest in the relationship.


The winner of the contest will receive a one-week stay at

Anam Cara, the writers’ retreat in Ireland owned and operated by former Exponent II editor Sue Booth Forbes. More information about Anam Cara can be found at www.anamcararetreat.com.

Submissions must be between 700 – 2000 words and are due November 1, 2017. Exponent II only publishes work by women. Send submissions to exponentiieditor@gmail.com.




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  1. September 28, 2017

    […] for Exponent II’s annual essay contest. The subject and rules for entry can be found here. We are excited to read your submissions and print them in the Winter 2018 issue of the magazine. […]

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