wrong turns

It has happened several times now in the past week: While driving, my mind wanders (there’s a lot for it to wander around in right now). Thinking through circumstances, wondering about actions made and decisions coming up…
When suddenly…
I realize I’ve taken a wrong turn. I’m on a street or highway I hadn’t planned on being on (and am not sure how I got there.)

I used to be the sort of suspicious individual who would see all sorts of signs and messages from the universe in this sort of thing.

Now a days, I just think I need to start paying more attention while I’m driving. Leave off pondering for when I am not behind the wheel.

very dirty windshield.jpg

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6 Responses

  1. Deborah says:

    This makes me think of the line from Serendipity (luv John Cusack!): “Maybe the absence of signs is a sign!”

  2. EBrown says:

    I love this, G. I”m skeptical of “signs”. I don’t believe the Universe operates that way. Your take on it is both humorous and spot on.

  3. Kelly Ann says:

    I like the picture. It reminds me of driving across Nevada. I agree there are times and seasons for pondering.

  4. Sterling Fluharty says:

    It happens to me too when driving under the influence of preoccupation. 😉 But in those instances I usually find that my mind shifts into autopilot and that I am turning at intersections that I have passed through before. I don’t chalk it up to providence. It is probably just ruts in my cognitive map.

  5. KGS says:

    Years ago, we were in a front end collision that totaled our car. I was certain it was God’s way of punishing and calling me to repentance for not starting the savings program for elderly couple missions that I thought I had been impressed to start the previous month.

    Turns out, even if that crazy scenario was true, it’s not the best way to communicate with me because I never did start saving (for couple missions, specifically) and I never will.

  6. CatherineWO says:

    “ruts in my cognitive map”
    Great line, Sterling!

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