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For the beauty of the moon…

San Diego Fire Moon
Originally uploaded by Tamara Hart

This past week those of us bloggers in SoCal (Brooke, Dora, Amelia, Caroline, and I) have been near the tragedy of the fires, the Santiago fire coming within a few miles of some of our homes.

It’s been so discouraging to wake up each morning and realize that the fires are still raging and that many people have been evacuated, homes are lost, communities are in turmoil. I’ve seen much anger at the government, at arsonists, at immigrants.

But last night when this amazing moon rose, I was so inspired by its beauty. Glowing nearly as bright as the sun.

My kids’ school is canceled today because of poor air quality. And It will be weeks and months before homes are rebuilt and SoCal is back to normal again.

But yet when I look at this moon I am full of hope and joy. Amazed and the power and beauty of nature. Basking in the cycles of life and death and the strength of people that rebound from tragedy.

Am I crazy or do you feel the same when you gaze on the moon? What does it say to you?


Jana is university administrator and History professor. Her soloblog is http://janaremy.com/pilgrimsteps/

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  1. Caroline says:

    That moon last night was spectacular.

    I also love sights like that. Sometimes I too feel a sense of well being when I’m surrounded by nature. But sometimes I think about all the wars and genocides going on, and I feel pretty dismal about the future.

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