Guest Post: Godmother

by Eleanor Rose


Life Giver, Nurturer
Goddess, Creator
Silenced, Erased
Why am I
To Be
Circumscribed, patronized
Dominated, socialized
I feel power, love and authority
Coursing through my spirit veins
Mother, Daughter
Priestess, Partner



Eleanor is a lifelong Latter-day Saint from Utah who is coming to terms with her innate feminism. She is a BYU alumna and a grateful wife and a mother of four adult children and one precious 10 year old daughter. In her discretionary time, Eleanor enjoys reading, organizing, volunteering, attending lectures, and pondering “what’s next?

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3 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    Beautiful poem, Eleanor. I think many of us similarly feel the tension between the awesome empowering potential of a divine feminine and the reality of her silence and absence in Mormon worship and ritual.

  2. Eleanor Rose says:

    Well said, Caroline. I feel that tension acutely. Her silence is continuously calling out to me, and her absence is ever-present in my life.

  3. Misty says:

    Beautiful poem. This issue is becoming more and more difficult for me to deal with and I appreciate those that speak up about it. Thank you.

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