Guest Post: Message from Home

by Malena Crockett

It’s that season again — General Conference. If past history is any indication, many members who listen in the hope of hearing faith-affirming, hope-restoring words of wisdom from the LDS Church’s highest leaders will instead hear at least one speaker say something from the pulpit that marginalizes, diminishes, or harms them.

To those who find themselves hurting, I offer this:

Message from Home

My beloved child

You have been taught

to believe I am where I cannot see you

You fear I cannot feel what you are feeling

You think I am where I cannot speak to you

Please listen to this

My timeless declaration
Of my utter and absolute love for you

Feel my joy in you
as a unique manifestation of light and love 

Glow from my pride for you

As my child

As your wonderful self

Rejoice to my exultation with you

As a being of the universe

You fill my heart

You are exquisite in every aspect

 Despite all, you rise

above your grief

above your pain

above your foes

Despite all,

you find your essential self, your divine core, your unending godness

You do not need me to speak for you

Your existence speaks for itself 

Still, I say, Behold my beloved child

Hold fast


I will be with you






we can hear each other


Malena Crockett is a novelist, a poet, and a disrupter. She breaks things. Sometimes they come back together looking different than before. A descendant of numerous early LDS converts and across-the-plains pioneers, Malena keeps one finger on the pulse of Mormonism past and present. She blogs at Mormonish: My View from the Fence. Her web site is

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  1. Ziff says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It’s much more heartening than most of Conference.

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