Guest Post: Our Missing Mother

Guest post by Louise Hammel, who writes at her desk while overlooking the pond beyond the window, sometimes hearing the waves of the Pacific crash on the other side of the nearby sand dunes. Paradise?  Like poetry, it’s all in the framing.

Our Missing Mother

Where is Heavenly Mother,
First mother of all living?
Where are the inscribed accounts of her creations–
The glowing maple tree in chilled autumn,
The lovely paradox of the lotus pond,
Summer berries that bleed red and purple.

Where are the stories
Of her dealings with her daughters?
Of her fierce love, her wisdom,
Her omniscience and omnipotence.
Where are the chronicles of her promises and covenants,
Her urgent words for us today?

Where are the revelations of her wild-woman heart,
More powerful than her patriarchal tamers?
When will knowledge of her be restored
In this, the restoration dispensation,
So that women, at long last, may see themselves
In their now-shadowy future.

Come, Immah, Mother,
Speak, make your welcomed-self known!
We stand together boldly,
Feet firmly and widely planted.
We yearn to hear and to remember your voice.
We hunger to know you, again.

This post is part of a series, Contemplating Heavenly Mother. Find more from this series here.

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3 Responses

  1. Judith curtis says:

    That is really a good poem. thanks

  2. Katie Rich says:

    Beautiful, Louise. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Fran Howell says:

    Oh wow, Louise! This poem evoked powerful emotion and imagery in me. I’m learning to recognize my yearning for Her. Thank you!

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