Guest Post: Parts at the Table Love Letter

Guest Post by Anonymous. Anonymous is a caregiver, philosopher, child development apprentice, writer, and organizer. This post has been inspired by LMA’s A Sampler of Life Right Now. LMA – Thank you!

I didn’t know what I was looking for,

I didn’t know what was missing.

I didn’t know who was missing – and that

Is far more important.


I knew generally about “parts”

and “kids” and “naptime”

and “nests”

Having designed many

Over time.


I knew about “safety”

And “rest” and

The sensation of “soft”

And bundles of people

Limbs woven together in hugs

Like slumbering puppies on a

Sun-drenched comfortable rug.


When I connected all those dots,

And realized I had “parts” to gather,

Tears and sobs ran down my face,

As the pieces fell into place.


Those parts of me

That unknowingly ran my existence-

Found themselves.

Found Peace.


My “child” got escorted back

From the safety of the “children’s table”

Into the grand conference –

Into my “Round Table” borrowed from

St. Arthur and his knights.


And now,  I can minister to my children

“So that their “delicate parts”

Are coaxed back into wholeness,

And safety, and peace.


Thank you for a poem written to heal your own wounds,

Before being flung out into the far winds of the internet.

Your poem is part of a revolution.

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