Guest Post: Premortal Promise

by Elizabeth

The following guest post  is a kind of feminist midrash, a retelling of Biblical or religiously foundational stories in order to incorporate women’s viewpoints.  As theologian Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza has written, using our poetry, our imagination, our vision to bring out women from the shadows of our sacred texts and origin stories can help lead us to a better future.


“Mother” I asked,” tell me again why I must leave you.”
“Oh, my heart,” She replied, “you do not yet see your beauty”
“When we created you,” added Father, “we created also worlds of beauty.
You will find them there.”
“I am sure I will long for you.” I whimpered.
Mother’s lip quivered in time with mine.
Father spoke quietly this time, “We are sure you will.”
“But you will come back to Us.” She added quickly.
The spark in Her eye shot at me with fierceness I had not yet experienced.
“Okay.” I told Them.
“Okay.” Tears rolled down my Parents’ cheeks.
“Okay.” I took Brother’s hand and He lead me away.
We laughed as He told me stories of the place I was going
He made it sound magical.
“Wait!” the call came when were nearing the end of our path
I turned toward the familiar voice and smiled again at Her warmth and grace.
She came close to me and for the second time I experienced fierce love
in Her gentle eyes
“It will not be easy to find me there. But do it. Find me, my heart.”
I wasn’t exactly sure what I was promising, but I knew I meant it.

Elizabeth is a college student who loves her Heavenly Parents and enjoys dancing, laughing, reading, writing, and dreaming of ways to crush the patriarchy. She thanks Rachel Hunt Steenblik for inspiring her to write about Heavenly Mother. 

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3 Responses

  1. What a beautiful midrash! Thank you!

  2. Jason K. says:

    I love this. Thank you!

  3. Liz says:

    This is beautiful. I love glimpses into women’s experiences with the Feminine Divine.

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