Have you seen any LDS Christmas movies?

LDS Christmas DVD CollectionA couple Christmases ago, I polled Exponent readers about their favorite Mormon Christmas movies and got a lot of blank stares. Apparently, most families don’t watch Christmas movies as voraciously as mine does. So this time, instead of asking about favorites, I’ll just ask if you’ve seen any of these at all. Check all that apply.

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And here is one, so that if you haven’t seen it you can remedy that now.
A Gift to the World

April Young Bennett

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2 Responses

  1. Em says:

    I had never heard of Mr. Krueger’s Christmas until I was in college, but I have it now because it is on the MoTab Christmas DVD. Most of it is cheesy to the point of being nearly unbearable but I do have some favorite scenes. I like the MoTab sledding part, and I always love it when Mr. Krueger gets to go to Bethlehem. It always gets me. Can you imagine being able to walk into that scene unseen? You would know more than any person there the significance of the gift. So I do love that part.

    Usually I don’t really like seeing video portrayals of scripture stories. It isn’t how I picture it, or everyone looks too white, or it looks to set-y. I can’t help but think that the reality of that night involved a fair amount of pain and blood and crying, as well as angels rejoicing. But they stick to the script, so you don’t ever see Mary freaking out and saying “I think this baby is coming!” or “I’m scared, Joseph” or anything a normal person might say in that situation.

  2. Joanna says:

    Silent Night. I guess it’s not a bona fide LDS movie, since it is not officially produced by the church – but BYUtv . I liked it. My family was not a huge fan…

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