Heavenly Mother’s Day: Let There Be Light

Guest Post by Leslie Dalton


Leslie is a junior high English teacher. She and her husband live in Utah County.


In the beginning, there was a glorious, perfect couple. Their love was so pure, so deep, and so holy that they had each become extensions of the other. Their children called them Elohim, which is one name, but means “the gods.” They were happy to share a name because they did not distinguish themselves from each other. They were one in thought, heart, and purpose


Satellite view of Magellanic Cloud

This all happened so long ago that it is impossible to count the years, or even eons. And yet you and I were there, with our Mother and Father, for that is also what we called Elohim. We lived with them, and they loved us, and taught us, and we were happy.


But like any good parents, Mother and Father knew that it would be important for us to have certain experiences, just as they had, once upon a time. So they gathered us all together and presented their plan for our growth and happiness. It would mean leaving them and forgetting our life with them for a short time, but it would give us some things we could never have otherwise. Mother and Father told us that it would be difficult. It would not seem fair. Some of us would have difficulties and pain that we couldn’t even imagine. Some of us would be lost, and a few of us might never return. We listened carefully to their wisdom, and we agreed it was the best way.


Elohim told us that they would watch over us and help us if we would let them, and that even though we would not be able to see them, they would be able to communicate with us if we made the effort to listen.  When we made mistakes, we would become ill in a way, and we would not be able to return to them without a special kind of healing that would require a great sacrifice–greater than any world had ever known. Our brother Jehovah offered to make that sacrifice for us, and we loved him even more for that. He would make it possible for us to return to Mother and Father again.


Another brother, Lucifer, also wanted to help. He offered to take us all away and make sure that we didn’t make any mistakes. He would ensure that no one was lost. But in return, he wanted to take all the credit and assume some of Elohim’s glory. Most of us knew that Lucifer’s plan would not work. It would not be possible to take glory away from our parents–they could only be added upon–never diminished. We tried to convince Lucifer that we were willing to take the chance, but he convinced a few of us to follow him. In the end, we were sad to see our brothers and sisters go. We loved them, and wanted to all return to our parents together. But Mother and Father had taught us the value of agency, and we knew that the ability to make one’s own choices was one of our greatest treasures.


Once the plan was in place, we were anxious to get started. Elohim had to create a place for us to live where they could watch over us during our time away. Jehovah helped. As the one to make the ultimate sacrifice for us all, he would be given the main responsibility for creating our new home. Mother and Father looked over their children for a couple to send as pioneers in this life away from them. When Eve and Adam agreed to become the first woman and man, we all felt the rightness of that choice. They understood that their example would set the tone for us all, and though the burden was heavy, they would have all the help they needed.


So Mother, Father, Jehovah, Eve, and Adam set out to create a new world for us. They planned and they worked. They called on the power of the Priesthood to form the earth we live on today, with day and night, land, sky, and sea, plants and animals. When everything was finally ready, we all knew that it would be a wonderful training ground for those of us who chose to go. The only thing left was for Mother and Father to create physical bodies for Eve and Adam. This would be the first gift we all would receive. The second would be challenges and experiences designed to help us grow and make the choices that would take us back to our Heavenly Parents. As the one who had covenanted with us all to become our Savior, our brother Jehovah assisted in everything.


Eve and Adam received their bodies, and Elohim placed them in a beautiful garden. Mother and Father gave their children the covenant of marriage, allowing them to work to develop the same kind of bonds their parents had. They began their earthly experience in a state of forgetfulness–unaware of their great responsibility to us all–but Mother, Father and Jehovah visited them often. They taught them little by little, and shared the details of their plan with our first earthly parents.


While in the Garden, Eve and Adam were unable to begin their family and the process of bringing the rest of us to Earth to begin our mortal experience. This was a great time of training for them; a time of learning and decision making. With only a portion of the knowledge they had had before beginning this journey, they had to use the wisdom they gained from Elohim combined with their own intelligence and ability to reason as they set the stage for the rest of us.


The Garden was not only a place for relearning what they had forgotten. Eve and Adam came to love this earth. They named animals, discovered the properties of plants and herbs, and learned how to care for their new home. It was a time of peace and happiness for them.


All too soon, the time came for them to leave their lovely home. As they discussed Elohim’s plan, they knew that they must eventually leave the peace and safety of the Garden. Mother and Father would not be with them in the same way, but they would have contact. Of course they had a choice in all this. They could stay in the garden forever if they wished. But they knew that we were all counting on them, and that even though this would be difficult, it was the right thing to do. It would bring the greatest happiness for them and us if they followed Elohim’s plan.


Eve and Adam were fully aware that leaving the Garden would place them on a very difficult path. Some of their future challenges were impossible to comprehend, like pain and illness. They little understood the concept of temptation, but knew that it would also be constantly before them. Like some of our sisters and brothers in the life before this, some of their children would fall. A few of them would not be able to return. This would bring additional pain. Knowing all of this, Eve and Adam were firm in their conviction to go forward. Mother and Father assured them that knowledge of difficulties would only increase their ability to feel joy and happiness.


They said goodbye to their parents, who gave them final instruction and blessings to set them on their way. They covenanted to be obedient to their Mother and Father, and were told that they would be able to communicate whenever they wanted to. It would not be through face-to-face meetings, but Elohim would call on another partner in their Plan–the Holy Ghost–to help them provide promptings, feelings, and even messages to their children. They also gave Eve and Adam the ability to exercise priesthood power for the benefit of their earthly family. Mother and Father promised to be always watching, always listening. Eve and Adam promised to raise their children well–to teach them all they had been taught, and to set a righteous, faithful example. They knew that their bodies would eventually age and die, but they were not afraid. Jehovah promised to come and save them all from physical death and restore them to Elohim’s presence.


Eve and Adam were ready. With happiness and sadness, hope and conviction, they left their beloved Garden and Parents and entered the World.


Thousands of years later, we are their legacy, with the same promises and covenants available if we choose them. Though many of the details have been forgotten or altered over time, the facts ring true to those who yearn for Elohim: we are children of Heavenly Parents who love us, and we can be with Them again.


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  1. Caroline says:

    Leslie, what a lovely retelling of the creation and fall story. Just having the Mother be equally present and active with the Father in the creation and planning is so powerful. How I wish we heard more inclusive language like this in church!

  2. Ali says:

    This is the creation story I am telling my children. I love this, thank you thank you.

  3. EmilyCC says:

    This is beautiful, Leslie. Thank you for sharing it here.

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