Movie Time: It’s not about the nail


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*Note: Regardless of what I “should” think as a feminist, I love this video. Hope you enjoy it!

It’s not about the nail by Jason Headley

April Young Bennett

April Young Bennett is the author of the Ask a Suffragist book series and host of the Religious Feminism Podcast. Learn more about April at

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2 Responses

  1. Aurora says:

    I liked the video. I don’t think this is a feminist issue. It’s a human issue. The man was seeing what he was seeing, he saw the nail. because he saw it, he projected it onto her. He had a nail in his head too, he just thought it was only in her head. (her story was giving him a headache right!) It’s what we do with each other. It’s easier to see the mote in the eye of another than the beam in our own. What is good about this video is that it’s reminding me that listening is such a kind and wise gift to give another. It’s a way of showing love. We all just want to be listened to. He wanted to be listened to too. Thanks for sharing it. What a great reminder.

  2. EmilyCC says:

    I couldn’t vote because I feel like I wanted to hit, “All of the above.” I’m conflicted about this video and have been for a while.

    But, I LOVE Aurora’s interpretation. That is brilliant!

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