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Was it just me or did January 2013 just seem to be brutal. Nothing particularly bad happened, it was just long and tiring. As such, I didn’t have the energy to write up a post for today. However, I read plenty of things this past month that made me think, laugh, cry, etc.

So I thought that today we could just share some of our favorite posts/articles/memes/videos. Hopefully this will start February off with a more positive tone.

Here we go:

Your turn. Please share your links in the comments.


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6 Responses

  1. aerin says:

    I really liked this article your wedding is the most special important valuable day of your entire existence on feministe. There is NSFW language in the article.

    I think weddings in our culture are on steroids. But the point in one of the comments that something that is traditionally feminine is devalued was interesting. Also, that women are criticized no matter what – for planning their wedding, for looking desperate to get married, etc. etc.

  2. MDearest says:

    YAY! Two of my favorites together: Exponent and links! (It’s almost as good as a meme contest.)

  3. EmilyCC says:

    I’ve enjoyed these links so much. I loved this assessment of Beyonce at the Superbowl,

    Watching Beyonce and all those women perform made me cry for the gender equality that I was seeing and for all those other performance when there is none.

    • MDearest says:

      I didn’t watch the Superbowl; I have different sports obsessions other than pro football. But I kept hearing/seeing/reading about Beyonce winning the halftime show, so I googled up the video of her performance, and now I’m in the WOW crowd too. I did a double take when I realized the guitar soloist was female, and then the entire horn section was women–wearing dresses! Even the drummer was a woman. And her army of dancers, all women in top condition. I thought the entire performance was mesmerizing. I loved how her muscular and trained female body was not hidden, but visible and clearly developed for strenuous physical performance. And perform she did. It was sexy, but not sexual, or at all offensive to me. I’m sure there were plenty who saw something to criticize, and it says something that they could only see that, and missed the huge praiseworthiness of her show. I guess I’m an unlikely fan now.

  4. TopHat says:

    I recently found a new knitting webcomic and enjoyed this strip:

    And this fascinating news that, with electrodes in her head, a woman moved a robotic arm. Think of t he possibilities!

    Knitting and flash mobs:

    A very pretty music video:

    “Some budding yeast I used to know” Goyte parody.

    Also, an etsy shop with epic artwork.

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