Mantras, comfort, and resources in March 2020. #CopingWithCOVID19

There has been so much said and written about how people are feeling in the midst of this grief, profound disruption in everyday routines, and basic sense of safety. For example, Nancy Ross wrote beautifully on the blog about the grief involved in the losses people are experiencing right now (e.g., disruptions of daily routines).

Each of us are having individual experiences being affected by the coronavirus in different ways. There is so much about the coronavirus situation that triggers trauma, mental health difficulties, and negative emotions for so many, including me.

I’ve written on the blog before about my trauma history and having complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). A few days ago, I was on self-quarantine from international travel. I felt so claustrophobic and trapped that I couldn’t go to the store, I had a panic attack in my car that lasted almost an hour. I felt suicidal and wanted to hurt my body. Today, I had my last in-person session with my therapist. I cried when she told me we would have to fully transition to Telehealth sessions for the foreseeable future.

These mantras are for all of us. We all deserve an infinite amount of compassion, comfort, and love.


This period of quarantine, social distancing, and isolation will pass.

My negative emotions (e.g., anger, fear, sadness, grief) are a normal response to an abnormal situation. These feelings are God-given and have a purpose.

My body is doing its job in helping alert me to the changes in my environment through my negative emotions.  

I am loved. I have people who care about my comfort and safety.

The desire to connect with others is divine and God-given.  

I have a Heavenly Mother who is with me each day. She helps me manage what happens.  

In the midst of this pain and disruption, spring is coming. The earth is renewing herself in this very moment.

If all I can do is survive right now, that is completely okay.

I deserve compassion, kindness, and understanding.

If I pause and listen to my body and what I need, I can know what is best for me to do in this moment.

I am wise and thoughtful in making decisions about my safety, comfort, and relationships with others.

I have the ability to comfort myself emotionally and physically.

In the midst of this pain and grief, there are pockets of genuine connection and beauty.

Even if this pain, discomfort, or disruption feel intolerable, I am resilient, and things will not always be this way.

I have a deep well of creativity and self-understanding that I can develop, nurture, and draw upon.

Even though my usual ways of connecting with others are disrupted right now, technology is a gift that allows me to connect with others in creative ways.

What mantras or thoughts are helping comfort you right now? What is helping you survive?


LMA is PhD-holding boss lady that teaches child development to university students. She cares deeply about issues that affect women+ inside and outside of our Church.

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7 Responses

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you for these!

  2. Nancy Ross says:

    Right now I need these reminders! Thank you, LMA!

  3. Allemande Left says:

    Glad you made it home safely from your travels. TNH has some good mantras in addition to yours:
    I’m here for you.
    I see you are here for me, Thank you.

  4. Chiaroscuro says:

    beautiful mantras!

  5. Heather says:

    You are loved.

  6. EmilyCC says:

    You are gifted at creating mantras. Thank you for sharing these here!

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