Mormon Women Weigh in on the Controversial Australian “Safe Schools” Program

In order to expand anti-bullying practice, and in order to teach empathy and inclusion, with the bi-product of reducing suicide and suicidal thoughts for students who are LGBTI (or any family that might not fit a “traditional” definition), the Australian government funded Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA). This Coalition developed the Student Wellbeing Hub for Australian Schools.


Specific to non-traditional families and LGBTI students, a portion of this new education platform included what is commonly called the “Safe Schools” program,  now titled “All of Us.” This educational platform is widely available to all (unlike other classroom curriculum that teachers develop yet “hide” from the public such as—grammar, algebra and biological mitosis) to see the meticulously created curriculum and study guides as developed by highly trained health, medical, psychological, and educational professionals.


A vocal Mormon woman declared the program as containing propaganda which would convince many students to explore homosexual relationships, and to label these homosexual relationship as superior to heterosexual relationships. She based this on claims that her son in Year/Grade 7 or 8 was exposed to much more information on vaginas than what she thought it was appropriate for him to learn (ever? at that age? I’m not sure). Her thinking was very much in line with the Australian Christian Lobby which is adamantly opposed to most types of sex education, but mixed with a twist of “The Family Proclamation” to help inspire the LDS community to don their white hoods and robes and join her in lynching the “Safe schools” programs. (Or at least this is what her marketing strategy sounded like to me).   This vocal Mormon woman gained a following of Mormons (maybe others?), including some fellow Mormon women—who have also vocally opposed the All of Us program (and, in my experience in asking, none of whom have actually read the “All of Us”/ Safe schools website- most by claiming it isn’t available for public consumption.)


Thankfully, another Mormon woman weighed in with an unselfish post that reflects a balanced response of the All of Us program—and she actually read the entire All of Us website, and watched it’s adjoining videos. Her thoughtful response it here: Safe Schools is Safe. (In case you were wondering, I really like her post!)


And in the end, please take a look at the All of Us program. It really is a sensitive step in helping all students to feel safe in their own skin, and safe at school.


Spunky lives in Queensland, Australia. She loves travel and aims to visit as many church branches and wards in the world as possible.

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