Mormonads for Mitt

Frustrated by Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s caving to the Republican Party and supporting a vote on a new Supreme Court justice? My friend Ashley made these handy postcards just for you.

Mittens wouldn’t be Mittens if he didn’t flip-flop, and you can help! Print out one or both of the linked pre-addressed postcard sheets (use heavy cardstock and be sure to print the address page on the back), cut into four, share with three friends, and tell him exactly how you want him to flip. Throw on a 35-cent stamp and the Postal Service will get your message to Mitt in a jiffy.

If for some reason you aren’t able to print things out, mention it in the comments and we’ll send you pre-printed postcards for a nominal fee.

Ashley Hoffman is a graphic & web designer, animator, and singer living in Denver, Colorado. You can see more of her work at 


On prolonged sabbatical from her career in arts administration, Libby is a seamstress, editor, entrepreneur, and community volunteer. She has a husband and three children.

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9 Responses

  1. Em says:

    dare to do right, dare to be true, you have a work that no other can do.

    These are a cool idea.

  2. Heather says:

    These are so fabulous! Clever and cute

  3. Jennifer says:

    Why can’t the President of the United States choose a supreme court justice? It behooves the Republican party to do so doesn’t it? It’s not against the law. Why the outrage and assumption that every reader here thinks a Repulican is a bad Mormon for supporting his party.

    • Ziff says:

      Yes, let’s definitely pretend like McConnell’s refusal to even consider an Obama nomination in 2016 ever happened. That will make it all okay.

    • Lily says:

      It shows what lengths the Republicans will go to to win. They will cheat if they have to. Having one set of rules when its your guy and another when its the other, always to your advantage, is cheating.

    • Meghan says:

      Because the same option was denied to Obama when a vacancy opened during the last election cycle. The precedent was set that if a seat opened close to an election, the seat should not be filled until the president was selected. To go against that now is a shameful move.

  4. HJones says:

    Even though I would love Romney to change his mind, I would not send religiously-themed messages like this. I appreciate MWEG’s manifesto about not weaponzing faith for political purposes.

  5. Mary Young says:

    I absolutely love these! Mitt has used us, LDS members, for years as his calling card for integrity. Not appropriate, Mr. Romney.
    I got to know Mitt in BYU’s Honors Program more than 50 years ago. He’s the same Mitt I knew then, all show, no substance. I stopped hoping for more the day he said 47% of Americans were freeloaders.
    How much is his integrity worth?

  6. Patricia Johnson says:

    Thanks for sending me the set. My family and friends wrote messages on them and put them in the mail. Such a clever idea!

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