never the less

nevertheless she persisted

The weeks unwind, the months spool out,
The years unfold, and I (not well-behaved)
Endure each blasted day unto the end
With flinty, strident hope that I’ll be saved.

Saved from endless death, for sure, but also
Saved from other things: the twisted
Reasonings of men that elevate some above
Some others—chauvinist, unloving, tightfisted.

I’m getting old, am I not? But the calendar’s
an equal opportunity marauder,
And you’re as ancién as the regime
You hail from. We both tremble, we both dodder.

I’m glad I gave my lengthy speeches and
Appeared to violate the rules. I scorned
You when you shut my mouth with arcane
Dodges and excuses: “She was warned!”

Yes, I was warned. You gave your explanations.
You won that round. But time? It won’t be resisted.
We’ll both endure unto the end, but your end
will come first. That’s why, nevertheless, I persisted.


Emily HB is a hausfrau living in Utah with delusions of grandeur & survival, a writer of books, a hoper of all things and a believer in several of them.

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17 Responses

  1. Heather says:


    • EmilyHB says:

      thanks, Heather. I was trying to find a link between the admonition to “endure unto the end” (which has always made me feel exhausted) and “persisting” — I needed more time than I had to figure out how to do it, but then the kids came home from school, and . . . you know the rest.

  2. MDearest says:

    Well done. I’ll keep this in my notebook.

  3. Olea says:

    Oh, wow, Emily. This is so powerful. Persistence as resistance calls to me, and your words echo feelings I didn’t know I had.

  4. Linda says:

    Wonderfully wondrous! Feels like my life, too.

  5. Ziff says:

    This is excellent, EmilyHB!

  6. Emily U says:

    I love this so much! It’s hopeful, beautiful, and powerful. It makes me feel like persisting is worth it.

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