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The Women’s Institute

Rainy afternoons are plentiful in Oregon, and on such a day there is nothing quite like a jigsaw puzzle, Miss Marple, and a little benevolent neglect of your child. I recently watched our heroine...


Learning to Follow My Heart

By Jenny I trudged slowly up the hill.  I guess you could say I was running, but really I wasn’t moving very fast.  Despite the hour that I had already been running, my legs...


General Women’s Session: Linda S. Reeves

This evening Sister Linda S. Reeves, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, gave a talk on chastity. As I recall the chastity talks and lessons I’ve received and given, this one is...



Thank you for your feedback. I have finalized the report and sent it to my stake president. I am pleased to report that he has agreed to send it on to General Authorities. The...