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Book Review: Magdalene by Moriah Jovan

Power, prostitution, sex, revenge, and . . . a Mormon bishop?  I was intrigued.  How could a romance, complete with explicit sex, involve a Mormon bishop as its hero?  I confess that was the...


Guys and, erm, Dolls?

Ma’am Missus Miss Ms Woman Girl Lady Female Gal Recently my attention was drawn to a book review where the reviewer shares this experience. One night at a dinner table at a wedding, I...


Cultivating Relationships Online

By Kelly Ann It is hard for me to imagine a world without the internet.  Emails, instant messaging, blogging, online searches, Facebook, and Twitter have become such a ubiquitous part of reality.  I love...



During his senior year of high school my younger brother-in-law, (who, at the time, was painfully shy, awkward, and introverted) was assigned a girl to ask to prom. Who gave him this assignment? I’m...


Guest Post: Shoes

by Zenaida I’ve been feeling the need to get out and meet men, so I started putting myself out there, and my first steps in preparation were to begin updating my wardrobe and dusting...