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A Story about an Eager Mormon Girl

Last night I watched the first episode of Netflix’s Murder Among the Mormons, a docuseries about the Mark Hoffman bombings in Salt Lake City in the fall of 1985. This post is not about...


Dear LDS Woman: It’s Time to Break Your Own Heart

By Ramona Morris
Time after time, I have been on the receiving end of hearing girlfriends complain about being single. I’ve grown used to hearing tales of other young single adults who whine and throw tantrums when their knight in shining armor doesn’t come swooping in on a white horse to whisk them away for time and all eternity.


Dear Exponent Reader

The following is the Winter 2021 Letter from the Editor by Managing Editor Pandora Brewer. This annual contest issue features all kinds of letters as well as dozens of postcard art images. If you...