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Posted by Zenaida “I’m ready to move out just so we can change wards.” Have you ever said that? I think I have. I’ve had friends who have. It’s interesting that in the church...


No More Strangers (Ephesians 2:19)

by Kelly Ann In an effort to bring the young single adults in California together, on August 8th and 9th, there was a statewide conference centered at the temples around the state (Sacramento, Oakland,...


The Reason Chivalry is Dead.

Posted by Zenaida I had a friend once tell me I was the reason chivalry was dead.  It’s true, I don’t really care for the ladies-first mentality.  I don’t have a problem with men...


On hope and 'acting like it'

by Starfoxy I have a bike. I like to call it my stealth bike because it is not a mountain bike, and does not make the tell-tale clickety noise that mountain bikes make. Coasting...


The Purity Myth

I teach High School. I see a lot of things every day that I am pretty sure most parents don’t know exist. I would have a hard time imagining it if I wasn’t in the...