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On hope and 'acting like it'

by Starfoxy I have a bike. I like to call it my stealth bike because it is not a mountain bike, and does not make the tell-tale clickety noise that mountain bikes make. Coasting...


The Purity Myth

I teach High School. I see a lot of things every day that I am pretty sure most parents don’t know exist. I would have a hard time imagining it if I wasn’t in the...


The Confession

By Elisabeth For my first post (hi!), I’d like to continue the discussion started by Jessawhy’s excellent post about the appropriate role for confession of sexual sins in Church, particularly regarding young adults.


love and marriage (and spouses who change)

by G Several years ago Elder David Bednar gave a devotional address at BYU where he recounted this story: “Sister Bednar and I are acquainted with a returned missionary who had dated a special...


What Mary Kay Women Know

by mraynes I sat through a two hour Mary Kay sales pitch a couple of Saturdays ago.  This is not my usual choice of weekend activities but I was cajoled into going under false pretenses.  You...