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Posted by Zenaida

Things have been very personal and hard lately, and a lot of people around me have had it rough lately, so I just want to send out good vibes and prayers for those people, who seem to manage to smile anyway: through life changes, through major surgery, through loss of loved ones, through uncertain futures, for reconnecting with family, possibly for the last time, through wounds inflicted by those closest to the heart, through rude awakenings, through suffering and heartache. I have so many names that I carry with me today, including my own, and I just can’t seem to be grateful enough for people who love and support me. I admire the strength and amazing character of these people, and the grace with which they handle adversity. I hope I can pass that on.

The Divine within me honors the Divine within you.

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4 Responses

  1. Jessawhy says:

    This is beautiful, Z.
    It’s true, I have many names that I’m carrying with me. Thanks for being grateful for those around you. I needed that reminder today.

  2. AnaCA says:

    Thanks for this post. I have been feeling kind of worn down, too, and your words helped today.

  3. Susanne says:

    नमस्ते Namaste’ ~ “The Divinity within me perceives and adores the Divinity within you.”
    Namaste is salutation that is a Sanskrit term which can be understood to mean, that I respect that divinity within you that is also within me.
    I assume you knew that.

  4. KiriClose says:

    my adversity lately is boredom. our new branch we attend makes it even worse.

    my only sense of solace is talking to 2 of the women in our branch that have a clue & my husband & my sisters. lately, i turn to philosophy & writers blogs on facebook (& they help).

    i hate that church sucks for me. i usually find a good time. i do, however, feel good about my involvement with young womens in our branch. Still, that, too, bores me (but i do love our girls on a personal level).

    both my husband & i are going thru a hard time in our new place. Thank G-d we’ll be outta there in 10 months!

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