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When it comes to intimate relations, both the length and strength of a relationship can have an effect on frequency. Libidos differ and very often spontaneity gets thrown out the window for a variety of reasons. What affects the statistics of your own love life? Do you set the pace or does your partner? Do religious or cultural beliefs play a role?

(A second poll has been added to reflect higher frequency and to avoid losing the previous poll results, please vote if this reflects your experience)


Corktree is exploring life and spirituality in new ways and new environments while studying midwifery, reiki, yoga, homeopathy, herbology and evolutionary nutrition. She has 3 daughters and one son, which add up to what now feels like an enormous family of 6.

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10 Responses

  1. MJK says:

    There was no option for “at least once a day”? Surely we must have some newlyweds in the audience.

    • alex w. says:

      I’ll be sure to report back in 2 weeks when I’m back from my honeymoon. 🙂

      • MJK says:

        I like that no one’s impressed with the poll options so far. I mean, we’ve been married 8 years so I believe that even if we had no kids we would probably average only 5 times a week or so but even that frequency is not a option.

        Methinks the creator of the poll has, through their lack of more frequent options, biased the results as well as telling us more than they intended to about their OWN sex life.

      • Corktree says:

        Thank you MJK, you’re right, I unintentionally favored less frequency because it’s what I’m used to, though we in no way have a less than fulfilling sex life. In fact, I’d say we have learned to appreciate the “dance” that leads up to it more and have worked within the natural orgasm cycle that works for us.

        But I’m actually curious, and will change the poll in case anyone else reflects the higher frequency, but how do you all manage it? Or rather, how do your husbands and partners? It’s been our experience that every 2-3 days is about the physical max that he can handle without burn-out. So I just assumed that this was common for most men, especially past the sexual peak. I’d appreciate anyone willing to share information to the contrary.

      • MJK says:

        Well, the hubs is only 35, and I know what you mean that the refractory period for him is often longer than he/we would like. However I find that often he will want to have sex even though there’s no real likelihood for him of getting to an orgasm.

      • MJK says:

        he will want to have sex on the “in between days” I should say.

  2. Howard says:

    This seems low I looked into this once and found one of the well known online non-LDS dating sites use these categories; less than once a week, 1 to 2 times a week, 3-4 times a week, every day.

  3. Bones says:

    Every day isn’t a choice? Why not?

  4. Starfoxy says:

    I read ‘whenever my partner shows interest’ as being up for interpretation. If your partner shows interest every day then there it is. If your partner shows interest on Thursdays and Fridays and all throughout May then that is it.

    It could also be interpreted as a squicky “I make myself have sex that I don’t particularly want just to make my partner happy.” Or a somewhat more palatable “I would like to have sex all the time, so our frequency is determined by his/her level of interest.”

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