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It’s been said that in the future of blogs we’ll see readership go up while authorship goes down. But what other types of reading do you engage in when you have or make the time? Clearly you read at least one blog if you’re voting here, but tell us what else you like to read. Remember you can choose more than one if you do it before hitting vote.

And if you’re not rushing off to read something else, tell us what good stuff you’ve been reading lately! New books? Blogs? Poems?


Corktree is exploring life and spirituality in new ways and new environments while studying midwifery, reiki, yoga, homeopathy, herbology and evolutionary nutrition. She has 3 daughters and one son, which add up to what now feels like an enormous family of 6.

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7 Responses

  1. Darlis Beale says:

    Actually my husband is writing this as it is 2:00 in the morning and I need sleep.

    My wife states she will read anything including the back of cereal boxes. However, I do know of certain exceptions: XXX rated material, papers that need grading, Harlequin romances, anything written by Carlos Castaneda and boring books. In the last case she has a 100 page rule–if it doesn’t grab her by then, its sayonara time

    She is the most eclectic reader I know. She, in he recent past, read a black woman’s work of science fiction (Kindred by Octavia Butler) and is currently reading a 19th century biography of Confederate General James Longstreet .

    Though she does not have to grade papers anymore, she has become involved in politics. As a result of being an elected officer of the Placer County Democratic Cental Committee and a member of several County Commissions she gets to wade thru a lot of policy wonk stuff. I don’t know which would be more onerous (or enjoyable).

  2. wonderdog says:

    I am an omniverbivore. I eat all words.

    To help my kids get in the 200 days of scripture reading required by seminary, I put print outs on the back of the cereal boxes. Stealth scripture reading.

  3. I remember my mom discovering that the best way to punish me was not to send me to my room, but to send me to my room and forbid me to read anything. I think I would still despise this punishment, but sometimes I should enforce putting off reading so I can get other things done. Alas, I’d almost always rather be reading.

  4. CatherineWO says:

    “omniverbivore” — love it–that would describe me too. I read one print newspaper and scan several online every day, as well as several blogs and facebook. I’m generally in the process of reading about three or four books at a time. My current reading includes: The Jew Store by Stella Suberman (memoir), Nauvoo Polygamy by George D. Smith (Mormon history), Plain Living: A Quaker Path to Simplicity by Catherine Whitmire (inspiriation/spirituality), and The Harper Collins Study Bible: NRSV (scriptures). I just finished reading The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant, a fascinating story (non-fiction) of logging in the Pacific Northwest. I usually have a novel on my current reading list, but I’ve been reading more memoir lately.
    I read at different speeds, depending on the material, so I don’t spend as much time at reading as the pile of books on my desk would lead one to believe. When I’m reading for information only, I can whip through a book or newpaper pretty quickly. My greatest pleasure is at the end of the day, when I curl up in my favorite chair, even if only for a few minutes, to truly savor the written word. That’s what I call “true” reading.

  5. alex w. says:

    I’m about to complete a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, so I read a lot of different things in fairly large quantities.
    Currently, I’m reading Linden Hills by Gloria Naylor, and it is incredible.

  6. Two of Three says:

    We are a family of readers. I love that I have to say to my children “Stop reading and go do something else with your brain!” I enjoy a variety of fiction and non. Poetry, biographies, history, and if the truth be told, the occasional trashy novel! Just finished “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. Lovely read.

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