Relief Society Lesson Christ: The Light That Shines in Darkness by Sharon Eubank

Guest post by Kristi Edwards, who gave this lesson in her ward recently

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Before I started my lesson I asked that anyone who was going to share and participate in the discussion would only share their own personal experiences and not other people/family. We can never know what others are truly feeling/thinking and it is not our experience to share. 

Read/retell the temple lights story – first 3 paragraphs.

DC Mormon Temple by Dome Poon, used in accordance with (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

What are some examples you’ve experienced in your own life where you have “seen darkness” instead of the light you were used to? How did you overcome the dark?


  • Read the paragraph under grief
  • Put up poster or write on the board “Christ heals wounds”
  • Is there anyone who would like to share how the Saviour has helped you though grief?


  • Read paragraph under tired
  • Learning to say “No” is one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever had to learn but it has allowed me to find the rest I’ve needed to be able to carry on.
  • Put up poster or write on the board “Christ is rest”

Fit the Mold

  • Read the 2nd & 3rd paragraphs about the tax collector.
  • Why was he in the tree? (He was small in stature and could not see over the crowd)
  • Read 1st paragraph under Mold heading.
  • There are so many people who feel they don’t fit among us. Why is that when we are supposed to be examples of Christ?
  • Put up poster or write on the board “Christ sees us in our tree”


  • Share the story of Sis. Eubanks’ dream.
  • How are you going to increase your faith like the brother of Jared, so your stones can be turned into light?
  • Hang poster or write on the board “Christ is light to see”

Never be Good Enough

  • Read first paragraph under heading
  • We all make mistakes and fall short but as we turn to the Saviour & repent we can become whole again.
  • Put up poster or write on the board “Christ makes wool white”

Read 2 paragraphs starting at “If you feel that the beacon…”

Read last paragraph starting at “Take a few more steps…”

Testify that Jesus is the way. He is the light we need to follow. Trust in Him and we will always be able to find our way.

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