Rocky Mountain Retreat

What: Rocky Mountain Retreat for Women

When: June 2-4, 2006

Where: Snow Mountain Ranch – a YMCA in the Rockies with showers, beds and flush toilets (no roughing it here). Located in the wildly beautiful mountains near Granby, Colorado.)

Cost/Contact: $125 – contact aluap at adelphia dot net for registration information.

This year’s speaker’s . . .

  • Marilyn and Fred Matis: co-authors of In Quiet Desperation: Understanding the Challenge of Same-Gender Attraction.
  • Emily Watts: Senior Development and Communications Editor at Deseret Book. Author of Being a Mom: 10 Coping Strategies I Learned by Accident Because I Had Children on Purpose and Take Two Chocolates and Call Me in the Morning.

Other Reasons to Attend

  • Music and singing (bring your voices and instruments if you have ‘em)
  • Famous Friday Potluck and Saturday Supper
  • Sunday Quaker meeting
  • Hikes, walks, talks, games, swimming, hot springs, antiquing, naps, lounging
  • Seeing old friends and making new ones.

Come and share your thoughts, experiences, spirit and fun in this beautiful setting!


Deborah is K-12 educator who nurtures a healthy interest in reading, writing, running, ethics, mystics, and interfaith dialogue.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for posting this. The Matis’s are the parents of a young gay man who committed suicide several years ago, so bring that perspective to the story.

  2. Proud Mormon Lesbian says:

    It would be nice if you could balance the Matis’ with a family like the Watts’.

    For those of us who have come out as LGBT LDS and embraced who we are while struggling with what the church would like us to believe about who we are, the Stuart Matis story is an example of how insidious church doctrine is where homosexuality is concerned. It led this young man to kill himself. By making homosexuality into an acronym–SSA–the church is able to label GLBT members as “afflicted.” The Matis’ loved their son and they have a story to tell, but it’s only one side of a range of perspectives and experiences for LDS families with LGBT members. Balancing it with a family like the Watts’ would provide a greater service and would allow people to hear both sides of the a very emotional issue in the lives of many LDS.

    If such a balance existed, I’d happily sign up for this seminar.

  3. Anonymous says:

    We are still somewhat in the planning stages, but one thing under discussion is having a panel discussion by women who have attended the retreat in the past who have gay family members. The women I’m thinking of would bring a variety of perspectives to this. I’m aware of the Watts family– part of the problem is that we have only limited funds to pay for speakers to come in. If you attended, you’d be very welcome to discuss your perpective too. I’m Paula, the person who asked for this to be posted. Just posting as Anonymous, since I don’t want to mess with signing up for the account right now.

  4. EmilyCC says:

    Are there any blogs by LGBT LDS members? I think homosexuality is often pushed under the rug in our church (and of course, most other religious groups) but the issues, both culturally and doctrinally, are really significant.

  5. Deborah says: isn’t a blog, but it is an active, constantly updated website maintained by LGBT Mormons . . .

  6. Anonymous says:

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