Sacred Music: Remember

Ever since reading how Carol Lynn Pearson will sing many hymns using feminine pronouns, I have tried to more consciously practice this myself. I still feel uncomfortable or just completely forget when I’m at church, but it has been a powerful experience to sit at my piano at home and sing:

Our Mother, God, of all creation hear us sing. In reverence awed at thy Son’s sacrifice.

I did not grow up talking about Heavenly Mother. In many ways, you could say I had forgotten Her. I am looking for Her now and finding Her presence all around.

I find Her when I sing Souviens Toi, from the French hymnal. The original French speaks of divine parents, but my sister’s translation references Heavenly Mother specifically. I picture Her in a circle of women as a newborn baby is passed from one set of arms to another.


O my child, in your eyes
Lingers heaven’s light.
You were there not long past,
In our Father’s sight.
Can you feel the warm touch
Of our Mother’s hand?
You were there, in God’s arms,
Then you came to mine.
Tell me child, of their love,
While the veil is thin,
You still feel their embrace,
But my memory’s dim.

O my child can you see
Snow-capped mountain peaks,
Verdant hills, flowering fields,
Rivers, forest, lakes?
Were the hues of the sky
Violet, rose or gray?
Did the sun shine all night,
And throughout the day?
Can you hum melodies
From the songs of birds,
Or describe rainfall in
A forgotten world?

O my child remember
At the dawn the time,
You and I played as friends,
In our heavenly home.
Then one day we were shown
God’s plan for our life.
We rejoiced to come down
And be taught by Christ.
You and I made a vow,
Through our faith and love,
To be joined here on earth,
And with God above.


Tirza lives in New England with her husband and four kids. She spends as much time as possible reading, sleeping, and playing outside.

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7 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    This is lovely.

  2. TheCharusha says:


  3. Mathy says:

    Can you provide a translation of the other verses?

    • Tirza says:

      I put the other verses up, but you can also find the sheet music with the translation on the full, desktop Exponent site. For some reason the sheet music doesn’t show up on the mobile site. The music is by Dvorak and is a beautiful tune.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Loved reading this!

  5. pijohnso says:

    I changed to French and found this with the music. So beautiful! Thanks!!

  6. Spunky says:

    This brightened my day! Thank you!

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