Sacred Music Sunday: Abide With Me

The story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus sticks with me. It takes place a short time after the resurrection of Jesus and is recounted in Luke 24. Two unnamed disciples were walking along the road discussing recent events when someone approaches them and joins their conversation. The person is Jesus, but the disciples fail to recognize him. Jesus asks them what they’re talking about, and they recount the events of the ministry of Jesus, the atonement, and the resurrection. They’re bearing their testimony without realizing that they’re speaking to the very person of whom they’re testifying. Jesus responded by expounding the scriptures to them.

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Eventually they reached the village, and it was late in the evening. They invited Jesus to stay for dinner, and he accepted. Then Jesus ate with them and he blessed and broke bread. When he did that, the disciples recognized him.

How often are we walking with Jesus, inviting him to dinner, and failing to recognize who he is? The scriptures say that whatever we do to others we do to him. After the experience the disciples had, they remarked to one another “Did not our hearts burn within us as he opened to us the scriptures?” As we stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, the burning in our hearts, we will be better able to recognize Jesus in our midst and invite him to abide with us.


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  1. Sean McKee says:

    Emmaus road is a wonderful story from Scripture. In Matthew, Jesus says that where two or three are gathered in his name that he is in their midst. Emmaus road is a story showing the disciples experiencing this teaching. Wonderful indeed.

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