Sacred Music Sunday: How Can I Keep from Singing? #CopingWithCOVID19

Pile of hymnbooks in different languages

I love to sing. I’ve been singing in choirs since childhood. I sing to the cats when nobody else is home. I sing along to the radio. Singing can express emotions in ways that mere words can’t. A whole book of scripture is dedicated to hymn texts.

I’ve written previously about how the cancellation of church has negatively impacted my life. But the cancellation of communal singing has also had a demoralizing effect. The singing of the hymns is the part of our worship that feels the most worshipful to me. Sermons can be inspiring or instructive, but there’s something about joining together in lifting up our voices together in praise that is transcendent.

I don’t know when we’ll be able to sing together again. How can I keep from singing?


Trudy is a lawyer living in the southwestern US. She has two cats who allow her to live in their house in exchange for a steady supply of food and treats.

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3 Responses

  1. Jana says:

    “How Can I Keep From Singing” saved me once upon a time, when I learned to play it on the piano and would sing along and feel hope.

  2. Ziff says:

    Well said, Trudy. I agree that this feels like a tremendous loss.

  3. jlrowse says:

    When I was looking for a new church to attend, my number one criteria was whether the church sang hymns. That was a non-negotiable. I miss singing with congregants as well.

    And that song is so beautiful.

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