San Francisco Area “Reading and Snacker” with Carol Lynn Pearson!

by Kelly Ann

As you may have seen on FMH, some friends of mine have organized a San Francisco Reading and Snacker with Carol Lynn Pearson.  By cross-posting this announcement here, I hope that I (& everyone else present) will be able to meet more Bay Area bloggers and lurkers who wish to come.  And well, I am just excited to be able to see Carol Lynn Pearson’s famous play, “Mother Wove the Morning.”

“Carol Lynn has agreed to open her home in Walnut Creek to us for a special group reading of her play, “Mother Wove the Morning,” followed by discussion and a snacker.  “Mother Wove the Morning” is a one-act play that Carol Lynn wrote and performed over three hundred times, portraying sixteen women throughout history in search of God the Mother.

The details are as follows:

Date:    Saturday, June 26th

Time:    2:00 p.m – Reading and discussion; 5:00 p.m – Snacker.

Location: 1384 Cornwall Court, Walnut Creek, CA  94597

Cost:        $20.00 for attendance at the reading; No cost for the snacker only

The $20.00 fee can be paid to Carol Lynn at the door, or if you’d like to pay ahead of time, post your e-mail address and I will let you know where it can be sent.  Please make all checks payable to Carol Lynn Pearson.

Whether you are attending the reading and the snacker, or just the snacker, please bring something to share with the group.  Carol Lynn will provide plates, cups and napkins.

We are looking forward to seeing many friends, old and new, at Carol Lynn’s house on the 26th!”

If you know you are coming, please RSVP on the FMH site, so they have some idea of how many people to expect.

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2 Responses

  1. My wife & I both served in the Oakland mission from 1990-1992. My wife was in Carolyn’s ward for 9+ months and had amazing experiences with her. She talks fondly of seeing “Mother Wove the Morning” in a live performance.

    I remember watching it together as newlyweds and not understanding the longing for Mother. Together we read “Walk in the Pink Moccasins” and I gained a little more understanding.

    Carolyn’s experience of caring for her dying (ex)husband touched me deeply. I have never met Carolyn but she has helped me understand my lack-of-understanding about my Mother.

    A few Sundays each year, after church, we will have a brief discussion or sometimes our eyes will meet for just a few moments. It is in those brief but heavy moments that I know it is only by faith and the common understand that Carolyn helped us build as newlyweds that my wife will sadly go back next week.

    If you see Carolyn, thank her for all of the insightful & comforting words she gave to a young sister missionary many years ago. Please thank her for teaching me that expressing ones faith challenging longing for her Mother is not an expression of apostasy but instead it is a deep righteous expression of the faith to continue on in the dark until that glorious day when she will see the Divine Mother she knows is there.

  2. Mike H. says:

    I didn’t go to the reading. But, the snacker discussion was interesting, to say the least. I may actually go to some of those future events on CLP’s website.

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