Shades of Becoming: Poems of Faith Transition Bulleted List of Poems

Book cover for "Shades of Becoming: Poems of Faith Transition" edited by Nancy Ross and Kristen R. Shill

Please see the bulleted list of poems below that correspond to the four themes discussed in the Exponent Book Review for Shades of Becoming: Poems of Faith Transition, edited by Nancy Ross and Kristen R. Shill.

Theme 1: There is power in giving voice to anger, pain, and loss experienced in faith and faith transition

  • The Questions, Josie Chilton, p. 34
  • Misunderstanding; Susan Meredith Hinckley, p. 33
  • CTR, Brittany Sweeney-Lawson, p. 39
  • untitled, Coral Rose Goplin, p. 45
  • untitled, Coral Rose Goplin, p. 58
  • Alchemy, Coral Rose Goplin, p. 51
  • Storage, Maren Chen, p. 61
  • Untitled, Allison Ulrich, p. 64
  • Donna, J. Marie Murphy, p. 55
  • (eve), Coral Rose Goplin, p. 86
  • Bad Habits, Holly Welker, p. 16

Theme 2: There is power in showing bold and unconditional love, acceptance, and protection for the parts of ourselves that have been wrongly made to feel bad, ashamed, or unacceptable, especially within the context of faith.

  • Absolution, J. Marie Murphy, p. 9
  • Absolution II, J. Marie Murphy, p. 28
  • Sacred Wild, Keira Shae, p. 68
  • Of Hearts and Boxes, Sarah Broat, p. 77
  • Throwing Shade, Mark Jeffreys, p. 92
  • holy, Kristen R. Shill, p. 100
  • untitled, Heather Harris-Bergevin, p. 88

Theme 3: Spiritual life is deeply complex and intricate, and can be experienced differently at different times in our lives

  • Geology Lesson, Susan Meredith Hinckley, p. 38
  • untitled, Coral Rose Goplin, p. 40
  • When I Prayed Again, Mette Ivie Harrison, p. 41
  • Babel, Susan Meredith Hinckley, p. 73
  • Absolution III, J. Marie Murphy, p. 90
  • a blessing for those who begin, Nancy Ross, p. 5

Theme 4: Resolution follows the pain and loss of any experience related to faith transition, finding a new faith, or leaving faith completely

  • Losing faith, Coral Rose Goplin, p. 74
  • Bricks, Stephanie Sorensen, p. 75
  • A Blessing for those who begin; Nancy Ross, p. 5)
  • Absolution III, J. Marie Murphy, p. 90
  • A Heathen’s Prayer, Kristen R. Shill, p. 107
  • Endless Pit, Mette Ivie Harrison, p. 67


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