Spring Cleaning is a Radical Feminist Act


Sweep the corners
Put that aside
Wash the windows
Look outside

It’s brave to imagine
Summer warmth in soggy Spring
Strip all the linens
Rock out. Sing.

Open the windows,
Clear the old air
Knock dirt from the rugs
Wage wrathful in warfare

Straighten the books
Joy is your guide
Re-order the realm
Make space inside

Order the memories
Air out musty dreams
Brush off the table
Let the wood gleam

Visit the garden
Set out the stakes
Break up the soil
The world is awake

Clear out the pantry
Inhale, breathe, sigh
Take out the garbage
Give thanks, say goodbye

Joy cometh in the morning
Goddess, I hope so
For now it’s my business
To make room to grow


AdelaHope used to be a little girl with a microphone, who loved her bicycle. She is now a woman with a family, a laptop, and a ukulele, who has dreams of traveling to beautiful, interesting places. She is currently living the mom-life in New England

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