The question the Exponent II leadership has gotten the most often over the past year is, “What can I do to help?” That question always makes me a little teary; it underlines the resilience, grit, charity, and grace of this community.

There happens to be a very simple response: subscribe to Exponent II. Subscriptions are by far our largest source of income. It is how we sustain the organization. And yet we have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep it very reasonably priced. Just $35 (slightly more for international shipping) will get you a gorgeous 40 page glossy magazine arriving in your mailbox four times a year. I promise that it will be your favorite thing in your mailbox that week. It is chock-full of 10,000 words of thoughtful essays and poetry and art on almost every page. The writing is complex, thoughtful, vulnerable, and strengthening. The art is stunning and will revolutionize your idea of what Mormon women artists are making. Many people have said to me, when flipping through Exponent II for the first time, “How do you make the pages glow like that?”

If you already have a subscription, consider getting a gift subscription for someone wonderful in your life. We will send you a digital postcard you can print off to let them know about your gift. You’ll be spreading the word about Mormon feminism. You’ll be helping our organization thrive. And you’ll earn yourself a reputation for being a pretty awesome gift-giver, all at the same time.

Subscribe to or buy a gift subscription to Exponent II here. Your support keeps us going for future generations of Mormon feminists. Every person who buys a subscription this week will be entered into a drawing for “Illuminating Ladies,” Exponent II’s coloring book about Mormon women.

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