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Dear Readers, 
I’ve been working with my friend and respected Mormon poet, author, and playwright, Carol Lynn Pearson on a survey to gauge how people really feel about the idea of polygamy in the next life based on today’s temple sealing practices. We are trying to get a sense of the salience of this issue among our friends and family. 
Please take 5 min to complete this survey and send it to anyone who is affiliated with Mormonism.
From Carol Lynn–
ETERNAL POLYGAMY AND SEALING INEQUALITY OF LDS WOMEN AND MEN—A SURVEY. Carol Lynn is sponsoring a survey to gather information on beliefs and opinions of Mormons (and former Mormons), male and female, on this important subject. Please take the survey at and please pass this request on to your friends and contacts. The survey closes on March 31, 2014. Thanks!


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