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Book Review: How the Light Gets In

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Why does evil exist? Why is there human suffering? I’ve always wondered these things my whole life. As a teenager I was very concerned about the state of the world (and still am) and...


Where is Discernment?

I grew up in the United States, but outside of Utah. My family were deeply orthodox believers in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I learned to be very trusting of all...


Guest Post: When Asking for Forgiveness

CW: child abuse and neglect by Anonymous Members of my extended family feel a special bond with Brad, my nephew. He has an infectious smile, intelligence, empathy, and an eye for seeing the beauty in...


Guest Post: HOW? TELL US HOW

by LMA August 2018 This week, I read a sweet story from Dr. Susan Reynolds about her experience at mass following the news of the grand jury report indicating that at least 1,000 children...


Guest Post: #MormonMeToo — Actionable Steps

Assembled by Dana HC This list grew out of a “Mormon Me Too” discussion at the 2018 Midwest Pilgrims retreat (May 4-6 in Morgantown, Indiana). Actionable Steps to Prevent and Address Domestic Violence and...