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A blessing for all of those in need of a blessing

Prior to the pandemic, I asked the women in the Exponent community what situations they would like to have addressed in a blessing and was overwhelmed by the response. I offer this blessing-of-all-blessings and hope that all of my readers can locate themselves in this blessing and find comfort.


Shield and Protection

I have heard stories all my life of how garments miraculously saved someone’s life. There are tales of people surviving fires or horrible accidents, and only suffering injury where garments did not cover them....


A Mother on the Sidelines

My oldest son turned eight at the end of 2014 and was baptized by my husband. My husband is a wonderful man and I had no issue with him performing the baptism. I did...


Guest Post: I know He sent me Angels

Guest Post by Nick Traducción española/Click for Spanish Translation I wouldn’t usually share such a personal experience, but in sight of recent events, I hope my words can bring peace to somebody somewhere. I...