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Ugly Eyes

I don’t have pretty eyes.  Well, actually, both of my eyes are pretty individually but together the effect is not good.  My eyes look crossed. This abnormality has no health effects for me whatsoever. ...


Guest Post: And Then She Blessed Me

by Jen About a year ago I was overwhelmed by the prospect of applying to graduate school. Although it had always been a part of my plan when I returned to finally finish my...


Gospel Principles 13: The Priesthood

This lesson consists of four questions that the manual recommends assigning to small groups and have them answer the questions. That’s a quick way to get the lesson done if someone is running short on...


A Woman's Blessing

Sarah Ann Eliza explained that she had already lost one daughter, the doctors had told her that she probably would not have any more children, and so she had decided to be with her baby daughter while she was sick. She said, “This baby is ill. I’m not going to take her. I’m not going to leave her.”

Susa Young Gates asked, “Would you like me to give you a blessing?

My great-great-grandmother replied that she would.


Guest Post: Women Blessing and Healing

I am a single Mormon 21 year old in my last year of studies at Princeton University.  From Monday to Saturday I am engrossed in my anthropology major and women’s studies minor, and on...


Feminist Choices, Feminist Baby Blessings

by guest poster Angela C. My daughter is now almost six months old. And there has been no baby blessing. I’ve had a hard time figuring out what the right way to approach this...


The Gift of Laryngitis

By Jessawhy When I woke up Sunday morning, I hoped my voice was better than the night before, but it was worse. A day managing the admissions of a salsa tasting fundraiser (attended by...