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Women and the Priesthood is a Joke

Brad Wilcox’s now infamous Alpine, Utah fireside took the internet by storm two weeks ago, and I wrote my thoughts regarding his take on women and the priesthood RIGHT HERE, but there were so many...


Silence is Violence

The first thing I noticed was the man on the stand wiping his brow. My eyes keep returning to him. Why didn’t he do something? Children who come out as LGBTQ in testimony meeting...


Guest Post: Open Letter to Brother Wilcox

You derailed a legitimate question posed not just by young members, but by investigators like me at age 44, by recentering it on “us all” (i.e. Whites). That pivot was beyond offensive, for a great many reasons.


Book Review: Born to Change the World

I am not sure where I first heard of Brad Wilcox.  I confess that reading about him in his book profiles left me uninterested in his work because of this one item: “He speaks...