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Paper Cuts

Sunday after church, my children occupied themselves by making paper airplanes with scraps of paper while waiting for my meeting to finish. Monday morning, while tidying up, I found one of their airplanes, made...

CHIv1 Trivia “The only way to make anyone want to read a boring policy manual is to forbid it.” 12

CHIv1 Trivia Game, 2010 Edition

Game time! Do you know what’s in the Church Handbook of Instruction (CHI) Volume 1? Play CHIv1 Trivia to test your CHIv1 IQ. No peeking! (This part of the CHI is not available to...


Poll: Reading the Church Handbook of Instruction

In  the current issue of Exponent II Magazine, I authored an article called, Making a Family with Donor Sperm. (Shameless Plug: While you’re over there checking out the article, don’t forget to subscribe so we...