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Articles from the original Woman’s Exponent of the 1870’s-1910’s and Exponent II Magazine of the 1970’s-1990’s


Exponent II Classics: Tea Time at Hotel Utah

Exponent II, Vol. XVI, No. 1 1991 Tea Time at Hotel Utah by Helen Mar Cook, Ogden, Utah On a hot, sunny day, I walk through the south door into coolness of expensive elegance,...


Exponent II Classics: One to Get Ready

Exponent II, Vol. V, No.2, Winter 1979 One to Get Ready by Emma Lou Thayne, Salt Lake City, Utah —————– Out of town, on a trip, I sat this morning in a white tub on the...


Exponent II Classics: Of Time and Music

Exponent II, Vol. VI, No.1, Fall 1979 Of Time and Music by Samelynn J. Wood, Portland, Oregon —————– “I thought you could play the piano, Momma.” At last she knew the truth.  For three years...


Exponent II Classics: Hardy Mums

Mommy Mum and Baby Mum Originally uploaded by Sister72 A friendly reminder that Exponent II magazine subscriptions are up and running.  If you enjoy this classic, you won’t want to miss our upcoming Winter...